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Almost everyone needs at least one domain name. The domain name serves as the handle for your web presence. People might type it directly into a browser or search engines to find it, and others link to the address or mention it on social media. The domain name also forms a critical part of your email communication.

Domains are both simple and complex. You can register a domain name and have a very basic initial website hosted in just a few minutes, or teams can take years to build a complex website. Sometimes domain names just cost a few dollars to register, and at other times companies pay multiple millions of dollars for a single domain name. This site will help you understand why that is, and how to estimate the value of a domain name.

As well as links to useful resources that will help you find, register and use domain names, we will offer original content on this site. One of our interests is in the new domain extensions, and each month we analyze what is selling in those extensions. While we summarize the reports on NameTalent, the full reports will be here.

We identified a need to review in detail domain extensions, providing both statistical and qualitative information along with real world use studies and thoughts on effective use of that domain name. We have the link active to our first review, and others will appear here in 2019.

We have written about domains at A Great Name as well as at This is a place to organize some of our analysis into one place.

I think that domain names can be beautiful. Check out to see what else I have to say about domain names.

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