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There are many useful sites for those interested in acquiring, selling, using, or investing in domain names. This page is under construction - please come back!

News About Domain Names

There are many excellent sources of information. The following are a few of our favourites.

Where To Register A Domain Name

Some of the more popular domain registrars are the following. Note that a full list would be much longer a there are thousands of domain registrar.

Where To Buy/Sell A Domain Name

There are hundreds of venues where domain names are bought and sold. Here are a few of the most popular.

Automated Worth Appraisals

The validity of automated domain name appraisal tools is hotly debated. The two most accepted domain appraisal tools are listed below.

Domain sales data.

By far the most useful resource is NameBio that includes over $1.7 billion in domain name sales data.

Discuss Domain Names

The most popular site is NamePros, that has over a million members. Note that a number of the domain news blogs listed earlier have active domain name discussion.

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