New Extension Sales Analysis Oct 23 - Nov 22, 2018

This reporting period was more active than the previous month, although not as many sales as during the summer. The average sales price of $2920 was similar to last month, while the 88 sales reported was an increase from the 67 recorded in the previous month. The number of sales higher than $5000 also increased.

During the monthly period ending Nov 22, 2018 there were

  • 88 NameBio recorded ngTLD sales in the 31 day period, with about $257,000 total sale volume.
  • The average sales price was $2920. The median price was $1404.
  • In terms of major sales, 11 were > $5000 and 57 > $1000.
  • Sales occurred in 24 different extensions.
  • The highest price sales were ($38,196), ($18,800), ($11,500), ($9750), ($8000), ($7567) and ($7500).
  • There were ngTLD domain sales during the month at 12 different venues. Alibaba Cloud had the highest number of sales (24) with Sedo second (15), although Sedo had a larger sales volume dollar wise.
  • Most ngTLD sales are either single word or very short (or both). Together those categories accounted for 72% of the sales this month.
  • Registries accounted for almost 51% of dollar volume and about 27% of the sales by number this month.
  • In 2018 YTD there have been 1363 ngTLD sales listed on NameBio, with an average price of $3606. Sales volume is just over $4.9 million YTD.

Extension Breakdown
Oct-Nov 2018  Extensions table

I list in the table on the right (click on table for a higher resolution version) those extensions that had sales this month. While .top, as usual, accounted for the most sales and the highest sales volume, this was also an excellent month for the .company extension with 8 sales all at prices of $1000 or more. In fact 48% of all ngTLD sales reported during the period were with the one extension .top.

Highest Value Sales
The major sales (defined as $5000 or more) for the reporting period are listed below.
  • ($38,196)
  • ($18,800)
  • ($11,500)
  • ($9750)
  • ($8000)
  • ($7567)
  • ($7500)
  • $7194
  • $6975
  • $5668
  • $5125

Oct-Nov 2018 Venues
Most reported ngTLD sales are at Chinese venues (Alibaba Cloud and Jiangsu Bangning in particular) along with Sedo and Dynadot. Flippa was very active during the summer has now almost ceased having ngTLD sales. A number of the .company extension sales were through Uniregistry. The Dot Global registry had a relatively active month with a number of good value sales. The table shows additional information.

Names That Span Dot Effectively
Some of the domain names from this reporting period that I personally feel make excellent use of the extension as congruent with the domain name are the following:

Great Value
Interestingly a few of the great names went for value prices. Among the ones that I noticed were $123, $137, $121 and $204. These show that, at least sometimes, you can get memorable names in the new extensions at excellent value. Of course from a domain investor perspective it means that sometimes even great names go for low prices.

Types of Domains
We also performed an analysis of the type of domain name. The majority (49%) were single word domain names (+ extension), although short (defined as 3 characters or less) were also popular (23%). About 7% were geographical terms. Numbers remain relatively unpopular in the ngTLDs although this month number or number-letter combinations accounted for about 10% of the sales. Multiple word domains were rare this month, with just a 4 two-word names and none three or more words. Three of the names were adult in nature.

Year to Date
So far in 2018 there have been 1363 ngTLD sales with an average sales price of $3609. The total value of 2018 reported ngTLD sales up to the day of writing is just over $4.9 million.

While sales have picked up from the preceding month, including a number of good non-registry sales, the rate of sales is still lower than in the summer. It seems largely the low end sales that have declined late in the year. The .top registry continues to account for a disproportionate number of the high value sales.

One reason I produce these reports is to provide guidance to ngTLD investors to help them optimize their chances for success. A couple of points to note from this report are that the .company extension seems to be gaining traction in the aftermarket, and that names that are not narrowly business oriented have begun to sell for good values in the ngTLD space.

While I show sales by extension, I would caution those investing in new domain extensions that, unlike the com/net/org/info space, it is not primarily the extension that matters, but rather the match between the name and the extension. As such, high value sales are possible, even if not probable, in almost any extension even those without a sales history. There were a number of superb matches across the dot in this month’s sales.

It is still prudent to be cautious when investing in these extensions, and still true that overall the return on investment seems better in .com and probably .org. For those new to this field, my
post on 12 reasons why end users (and domain investors) might want to consider new domain extensions may be worthwhile.

The NameBio database (or at least the portion publicly reported) does not include sales with value less than $100, nor sales from a number of venues such as Afternic, Undeveloped or Efty (unless buyers or sellers report them individually), nor from most of the ngTLD registries, so it is difficult to estimate how complete a record this is of all ngTLD domain name sales. Sometimes sales are posted on NameBio after their recorded sales date and therefore never appear on the daily report although they do appear in the NameBio database. Note that most Sedo sales at values less than $2000 are not reported (unless they are from an auction or brokered sale, or are individually reported).

Previous Reports
There are
links to the previous reports on this page in case you want to do monthly comparisons:

Next Report and Other News
We have decided to shift our reporting period to the month end in the new year. As a result our next report (covering to the end of December) will be issued early in January. We also have changed where we will be publishing our reports. Going forward the reports will appear on with a short form with additional interpretation published on

This monthly update on publicly reported ngTLD sales is offered as a service to the domain community. While I strive to be accurate, no implied guarantee or warranty is associated with this report, and readers should independently verify information before using it in any domain investment decisions.

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